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Common-Mode Chokes

Inglot manufactures Custom EMI Components including a complete line of Common-Mode Chokes for filtering the generated noise of your Switch-Mode Power Supply System.  These units meet all US and International safety and EMI requirements.  Our CMC devices come in a variety of configurations to conform to your electrical and mechanical EMI Filter requirements.  Standard units consist of toroidal and split bobbin designs for low and high current applications.  If your application requires a CMC design not listed, we'll design and manufacture to your specifications.

CMC designs use high grades of ferrite powdered material.   Low current designs typically use cores with permeability values ranging from 5000 to 18000.  For higher current units, lower perm ferrites may be used to compensate for thermal drift and performance deterioration at those higher currents.

Where special packaging or chassis mounting is desired, other design configurations are available.  Encapsulated units are available with lead wires and mounting inserts.  Larger core configurations, (i.e.: pot cores), can be used for very high current applications.


Winding Balanced to within 1%      Low Distributed Winding Capacity
40C Rise @ Rated Currents 3750 Vrms Dielectric Strength
Easy PCB Mounting 3mm Safety Creepage/Clearance
UL94V-O Material Ratings UL - IEC - CSA - VDE - FCC





Low Current Split Bobbin CMC Low Current Toroid CMC
High Current Split Bobbin CMC High Current Toroid CMC
Toroidal CMC Case Sizes  

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