Since 1964, Inglot Electronics has been a recognized leader in the magnets industry, delivering quality products at a competitive price. Our history has earned us partnership status with several Fortune 500 customers, both nationally and internationally. In building these partnerships, we have provided quality linear laminated transformers from 100 MVA to 22 KVA, along with the necessary services that our customers need. Through the interest and suggestions of many of our existing customers, Inglot Electronics has accepted the opportunity to provide products, which covers the “Complete Spectrum of Magnetic Devices” for the power conversion industry.

We have earned an excellent reputation for quality, engineering, scheduling flexibility, and competitive pricing. We are an industry leader in the design and production of high-reliability, custom electro-magnetic components.

Covering the power conversion spectrum from surface mounts to large isolation transformers, we manufacture miniature toroids, switch mode magnetics, high and low frequency power chokes, linear transformers, and solenoid coils. Upon request, special testing, data reporting, and bar coding are also available.

We invite you to challenge our skills and manufacturing techniques to prove ourselves to your “Tight Design”, “JIT Delivery”, and pricing requirements.

In 2001, Inglot Electronics acquired the designs previously manufactured by Ex-Qual Transformer. In 2003, an acquisition of Nelco Coil Supply added solenoid coils to our comprehensive line of electro-magnetic devices. In 2005, Inglot Electronics added Associated Transformer and its additional designs including military applications.