Inglot Electronics also offers UL and CSA approved coils and insulation systems that meet UL Class B, F, and H requirements. Inglot also offers a line of Class F and H continuous duty coils that can be engineered into many standard hydraulic valve systems that utilize SAE 6,8, and 10 valve ports. Using quality material, more ampere turns, and rugged casings, these coils are a competitively- priced to many OEM replacement coils, while still meeting or exceeding those demanding quality standards.

Inglot Electronics is your quality source for short, medium, and long-run production of your magnetic, electrical, and coil requirements, from simple windings to encapsulated solenoid coils, from transformers to non-electrical, injection over-molded parts. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your solenoid and coil needs.

Our custom designed transformers are customized to your needs and exact specifications. We can fabricate to fit your safety agency’s required specifications, whether it be TUV, CSA, UL, VDE, or IEC.

We have a variety of mounting capabilities from standard channel frames to custom angle brackets. These designs can be provided on paper section tubes or bobbins, based on your transformer needs.

Linear Laminated Designs: Linear Torodial Designs and EMI Products:
-Power Transformers 100MVA to 22KVA Power Inductors, Both AC and DC
-Power Inductors Current Sense Transformer
-Audio Transformers 50mw to 500 Watts Common- Mode Chokes
-Mag Amps (Control Transformers) Differential-Mode Chokes

Along with the standard linear designs, Inglot Electronics manufactures custom EMI Components for filtering the noise generated by your Switch-Mode Power Supply System. Designed to meet all US and International safety and EMI requirements, our components come in a variety of configurations from special chassis mounting to encapsulation and easy PCB mounting. We use core materials that range from 5,000 to 18,000 permeability values.

Linear laminated bobbin designs are a large part of our design and manufacturing capabilities. We also incorporate a variety of other types of bobbin- type transformers. These include pulse products such as Low Power Pulse Designs, Feedback Isolation, Data Line Isolators, High Power Switch-Mode Transformers, Buck and Boost Converters, and Gate Drivers.

We continue to expand in our capacity to design around the latest in magnetic material, which includes ferrite and powdered iron core material. Inglot Electronics continues to invest in magnetics technology and the latest automated production and test equipment to stay at the forefront of our industry. Our computerized testing equipment is state of the art in production testing, and gives us the quality levels that are second to none, giving our customers the reliability to make Inglot Electronics a dock to stock vendor. Our bar coding capabilities gives us the ability to label all shipments to our customer’s specifications.

Inglot Electronic coils come in many styles: open, epoxy-potted, and plastic over-molded. We offer a wide range of encapsulates: basic polypropylene, nylon, engineered resins, and many others. We also offer eight standard types of electrical connections from simple self- leads to complex weather-resistant housings. We will also consider OEM requests for special termination.

Your coils will be made to your specifications using both analog and CNC winding equipment. We do all of our own winding and molding/ encapsulating. This allows us full control over the manufacturing process; rigorous quality standards, statistical process control, and continuous improvement drive this process. Set-up reduction and work cell manufacturing allows us flexibility in meeting customer delivery requirements. In addition, we have two design engineers on staff, who can assist in the design of coils, from blueprints to prototype to production, guaranteeing that quality is engineered into a product.